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Numerion's halflings

6. října 2010 v 21:18 | napísal- Numerion, uverejnila- Yumi |  Fanfiction
He was running with his squad towards the target. He knew that the squad wasn't actually listening to him, but it was much more easy to call it 'his'. Their target was a little girl at an age around 13. She can't control her powers properly very well so it's better to kill her now. Better then letting the soldiers die against her later. There was just one problem. The problem was her older brother, which had similar powers, but unlike her, he could control them, and he did it with all the pleasure. They searched for them for 2 hours around the forest and now they finally got their track, and they are closing in. The girl's name is Yuriko Mekahashi and her powers consists of transforming parts of her body into various animals. Her brother, Shigerin Mekahashi, has similar powers, but he has problems with it, with every transformation he partially looses his control over himself, it might happen that he will loose control over himself one day forever.
He can finally see Shigerin and his little sister running through the forest at high speed, but their speed is too low in comparison with power-suits of the marines. Shigerin realizes that. His little sister doesn't. They started to charge towards them faster, to get in close, because shooting in this forest at a greater distance could be really dangerous for them. "All right, squad. Go forward as fast as you can and don't shoot until i tell you, we don't want any unecesarry troubles around here" he speaks as he looks up at the trees.
They soon caught them and surrounded them in a 30 metres wide circle. "What do you want from us?!" yells Shigerin at them as he walks around his sister in circles. "We just want her." comes the answer from a man about 2 metres high , all covered in the black-ops uniform, but his left eye. He was holding only one black pistol in his left hand. "Leave her alone! She is just a little kid, she isn't dangerous to anyone!" shouts Shigerin at him. "Well, she isn't dangerous for now. And that is out of question of course, we must get her dead or alive, that's the order. You won't do much about it." he speaks as he and the rest of squad tightens up a little more. "You bet I'll do something about it." says as he turns to Yuriko " RUN!" and transforms his hands into tyger paws and leaps onto one of the soldiers, crushing his skull. "Open fire!" yells the squad leader as he sees that another one of his soldiers is getting masacred. Shigerin tricked most of the bullets by using the trees as cover. He leaped forward and backstabed one of the marines, then picked up his dead body and threw it into two more, instantly killing them due to the weight of the power-suit. One bullet penetrated his arm, he ignored it and leaped at another soldier, grabbing his head and tore it away from rest of the body. "Hmm, he already killed 6 soldiers with just a little scratch." thinks the leader while watching his men die. Shigerin masacred 3 more of them in one powerful leap, and the other 2 turned around and started runing. The leader was still standing there. And watching. Shigerin stops and transforms his hands into normal hands again "Why? Why are you doing this? Why you let me masacre them? You do you even want to kill my little sis?Why?!" asks him nervously. "Your questions might get answers, if you survive. My name is Keikun Minoru and i shall be your death!" and punches him in the stomach hardly with right hand, then takes his pistol in his left hand and shoots into the stomach. Grabs lycan's arm with his right hand and breaks the bone in it afterwards pulling it down and lets him fall to the ground. Then shoots 6 remaining bullets into his back asuring that he will not get up again.
"9 men down and 2 ran away, suspect is on the run, but you managed to kill it's protector. My orders now are the following : Stay on your position and wait for reinforcements, they'll be there in 20 minutes. Do NOT try to engage the suspect alone, she is too dangerous. Base over." "Yeah, sure" says Keikun as he pulls the earpiece out of ear with his right hand and crushes it. He starts running the way , where Yuriko ran off, thinking about his possibilities.
He found her sleeping at the forest shrine's floor. He took out his gun and stepped forward, closer to her. Then he suddenly points it behind him at the lycan's head. "You sure are tough, eh? And you propably want your answers.". The lycan nods slowly. "Well, you fight to protect the one you love, your sister."he says as he sits down on the stairs to the shrine,"And I fight because of same reason; to protect my beloved one."he sights. Shigerin keeps silent and sits on the ground, still breathing heavilly. "She is one of us, the 'Infected', and she is one of the strongest if not the strongest one. And the army knows that. My whole story begins few months ago, when I had problems with my right eye.
I was in school by the time when my eye started to hurt badly.The teacher called an ambulance and they took me to the hospital then. When the doctor which took care of me noticed what happened, he called the army instantly and it was the last thing he ever did. The 'demons' as humans call them, transferred into our dimension and right into the hospital room I was in. They killed the doctor and the nurses. Then they wanted to talk with me. They explained whole situation to me and offered me help if I help them. And they gave me time to think about it. Then they transferred back. Not even five minutes later, the army came in, and they weren't so nice. They beat me up and tried to blackmail me. They succeeded. They imprisoned Her in some huge cube, which cannot be destroyed by demonic powers, and She cannot use her powers outside of the cube. They told me that they will shrink the cube with every hour I won't help them. So I decided to help them. I helped them with finding a lot of 'demons' and 'Infected' , but they obviously don't trust me and propably never will. That's also why I have this weak pistol with normal AP bullets."he takes out his pistol and throws it at the floor. "Now, if you want to have your sister saved and want to help me, please take the chip out of my left hand." and rolls up his sleeve on left hand. Shigerin gets his claws out and dips them into the Keikun's left hand. Then pulls them out after a while with the chip in hand. "Could I have a question for you now?" asks lycan. The halfly wounded ex-soldier nods. "What happened in the hospital and what persuaded the doc to call the army?" "This."says Keikun and takes off the mask. On the left side of his head he had a 10 centimeters long light-brown coloured hair, on the other side he had a demonish ear in size two times as big as a normal ear. The whole right side of the face had black rough demonish skin with a lots of small claws coming out. His right eye was a cat-like eye but instead of white a backround it had blue and the eye itself was dark brown. Shigerin stares at it for a while. "How does it see?" he says , pointing at the right eye. "It sees thermally, this is what army uses to seek the demons, because their temperature is usually colder than the temperature of normal human. Also the demons see this way, that's why the army is using these suits, which are thermal-proof". Keikun gets up and picks up the pistol "Here take it, I won't need it.". Shigerin takes the gun and asks "What are you going to do?". Keikun starts walking away and then stops, looks back and says "I am gonna fuck the army as hard as I can, and help Her open the cage. Could you do me one last favor?" "Sure." says Shigerin as he stands up too. "Could you get rid of the next squad that comes? They will follow the chip." Shigerin grins and reveals wolfish teeth.

"Sir, we are almost in the location of the Minoru, but his chip doesn't move, we suspect that he is dead." said the private to the commander as they were running through the forest. The sun was going down already and they could barely see fifty metres infront of them. There were little forest creatures in the trees watching them or running away from them. Commander seems to ignore everything around, even the point that they might run into trap. And the privates knew it. And hated it. "Sir, if they managed to kill Minoru and his squad, don't you think that it's dangerous for us to go there? Wouldn't it be better to wait for reinforcements?" asks the one next to commander. His name is Rico Lepinde and he knows the price of his life. He is young and still fears some usual stuff, like forests, darkness and wild animals. And the commander knew that. The commander stopped, looked at Rico and said: "So, you want us to sit here and wait 'till that ...beast runs away and starts killing civilists? You want it to kill your familly? Your wife? Your only child? You really want to? Then you can go and run away, and wait till the beast comes and attacks you from behind while you run! You are free to go. You can say that we all died and you managed to run away. That you managed to persuade the beast to not kill you. Or even better... that you killed it! Wouldn't that be awesome? ... You are right, it wouldn't be awesome, cause we will be alive and you will be marked as a liar and traitor. Now go if you want." and started running again, followed by the undecided Rico and the rest of the squad.
When they get to the place , they can see many things. First thing that they notice is the chip sitting at the top of the rock in the middle. Then they notice the dead bodies. Dead bodies with all the entrails ripped out with claws and teeth, most of them eaten. Rico started to vomit in the bushes.
When he returned, the rest of the squad were searching for signs of who could do it. "You are late, the party's already over." said the voice from top of a tree. Rico looks up and notices a person sitting on a branch, cleaning a pistol with some cloth, pistol which Rico knows very well. "Surrender now, or consider yourself dead." shouts the commander at the guy on the branch. Rico looks at him with supplicant expression. The person on the branch gets up and jumps on the ground "Well, too bad."

Rico ran as fast as he could. He started to run right after he threw away his gun, which was right after the stranger pointed the pistol at the commander. He decided to run in the moment when they found the chip. He can still hear the scream, of the privates when something started to attack them, in his head. Also now he can hear the wolf howling. And he can't see a lot cause the light died totally and the flashlight was on his gun. Now he wishes to be member of one of those night action squads or Night Hounds, as they are called. He also decided to do what the commander told him to do: he will go and say that he killed the lycanthrope and had to run because of lack of resources. At least he believed that he will do that. Now he fears the forest creatures even more. He wasn't very smart, but he knew stuff. He listened to the reports of some citizens, which stated that the forest animals have changed their size and shape. A lot! He doesn't know how much of that what they said was truth, but he belieaved that at least something was. He also wonders why did the guy had Minoru's pistol. Minoru would never give away his pistol. It was his only weapon, why would he give it away? And he ran and hoped that the edge of the forest is close.

"Sir, please tell me again, where exacly are we?" asked the newcomer. General looked at him, taked the cigar out of his mouth and said "We are in the city of Atlantis, long lost kingdom, which was sunken by the water of the ocean. People globally don't know about this place, it's better for their safely. If they knew about it, we would have to kill them." finished speaking as they arrived infront of a huge skyscraper "This building here," as he pointed on the building "is the most intense place of military stuff that you can ever see. If someone decided to go inside without permission, he would be dead in less then twelve seconds." he ended his speak with satisfied look on his face and entered the building, the newcomer followed him in.
The building itself was 90 floors high and made of metal and glass.Infront of the building was a full twelve-pack of guards , guarding the entrance. There were 7 guards on each floor, guarding the stairs and the elevator. On the roof of the building was made a terrace, in which's middle was huge cube with some person inside. Also there were 5 guards, one on each corner and one guarding the doors to the stairs. "So you say that we are in the middle of Atlantic ocean, on a long forgotten islands which sunk into the ocean? And nobody in the world found them since the sunking till some little time ago? If you weren't higher rank then me, I would say that you are a madman!" yells the guy in an elevator on the general. "Yes, it's hard to believe, but the army, during testing of microwave weapons on the sea, discovered that they react with something deep underwater. So they went down there and found some ancient structures and among them some generator-like mechanism which reacted to the microwaves. After some time they managed to make it work and it rised the island up, into about one hundred meters deep and there it created shield above the island, so the water is not on the island and yet the island is really hard to notice when some ship goes above it." explained the general. "Now, let me show you something, of which we are not proud of. Something that is in the way of these islands. Something that is in the way of army." says the general as they leave the elevator at the roof. The person in the cube made a little shockwave in the liquids of the cube as a response to the general. "Through the process of raising the island, something happened, something for which we don't have a definition, nor we know how or why it happened. That something is nothing less then opening the gates to some other dimension. We we unavare of that happening and didn't know how to deal with it in the begining. The other dimension is a hell of a place. Literally. I've seen it once, for only few seconds and it was more then enough for me to understand how the hell looks. There were clouds of ash everywhere and the air was unconfortable hot and full of dust. My face was feeling like melting and hulling at the same time. Also there were these weird black humanoids. When I got back, I decided that we have to close all of these gates and that we should do it as soon as possible. So we started testing them. Soon we found a way how to close them, however the way is too expensive, many people might die during the closing and the worst thing is, that those humanoids which are coming from those gates, we call them demons, are trying to stop us." speaked the general, ignoring the fact that the person inside the cube was staring at him. "The way to close a gate is a way of a huge PSI force. Many PSI enchanted persons are needed very close to the gate to close it, and even then, there is huge chance that they will just die of unspoken reason." Finished explaining the general. The newcomer, skilled user of his mind or so called magic, asked again "So you want me to help at closing the gates." The general looked at the person inside the cube and then again at him "No. This little girl inside this thing" pointed at the cube, the person inside blinked eyes "is so strong at using her forces that she could close the gates alone, yet she declines to help us and there is no way that we can persuade her to do so. Well, normal way anyway. So we need you to show her, what's the deal." Newcomer, William Field, looked at the girl and back at the general "And what is the deal?" "The deal is simple: help us, or die of starvation and pain"

The climbing was hard for him, especially on this building made of glass and steel. He heard the stories about the army inside the building many times. Many times has been said that when someone enters without permission, he will never get out alive. And he believed that. That's why he was climbing it instead. His goal was getting on the roof of that 90 floors tall building, but that is surely spoken easier then done. Only thanks to his demonic arm Keikun could climb it. He decided to look up "Holy crap, the building sure is tall." the bright light was reflecting from the windows. It was about 6 AM but the soldiers were already inside the building. He decided to remain silent for the rest of the climbing.

The soldier's meat was awesome to eat, because the soldiers were well trained. Shigerin looked around, he could see : few wolves feeding upon the corpses; his own sister cooking the meat on a fire; and the nice and friendly squirrels which were running around, looking at them, looking if there is no food which they could get. "It's about time for us to depart to the city, Yuriko." he said as he got up. Yuriko looked at him with questionable expression "Why do we have to go there?". "Because he needs our help, but he doesn't realize that and that's why he didn't directly ask for help" as she heared the answer, she looked around and asked another question "Will we go to that big building again?" "Yes, we will. I know that you don't like it there, I don't like it there either. Remember to tell the squirrels a goodbye, because we don't know when and not even if we will ever get back here." he joked. She understood that the joke is deadly serious now. She stood up and followed him on the direct way to the city, they were the only ones who knew, which one it was.
The stench of dead soldiers followed them a bit, but then stopped as the howl of wolf striked the air. The death was incoming.

Autor: nemenovaný Numerion

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1 Hádanka Hádanka | 7. října 2010 v 10:43 | Reagovat

Scháním Miu. Kdy bude na blogu ? Potřebuju s ní nutně mluvit! Jestli si tohle řečte tak ať dnes zavolá v šest hodin na moje číslo!

2 Teru-chan Teru-chan | Web | 9. října 2010 v 11:14 | Reagovat

[1]: Kontaktuj ji ty ne? Ani tvoje číslo nemáme tak jí to vzkázat nemůžeme.... Mia je tu pořád jen přidává jen někdy

Hey Yumi prosím dávej dlouhé články pod perex .. pokud nevíš jak tak napiš na skype a já ti to vysvětlím

3 yumi-chan yumi-chan | 9. října 2010 v 11:17 | Reagovat

ok napisu :D jsem z toho magor :DD

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